Hardware Support and Data Recovery

Hardware Support

Every small business requires a computer to operate efficiently. That’s why JDS Desktop & Network Solutions has made hardware services for small business a top priority. We handle every aspect of hardware support. We can assist in selecting, purchasing and installing new computers and related equipment. By troubleshooting and repairing or replacing malfunctioning components, JDS Desktop & Network Solutions can get your systems working properly.

Recognizing that small businesses work on tight yearly budgets, we tailor business solutions to fit your unique needs. In many cases, computer systems just need a fresh start. We will reload a machine and make it more efficient in short order.

New Computer Consulting and Purchasing

Selecting the right computer for your business can be a difficult process, because there are so many choices and technology evolves very quickly. JDS Desktop & Network Solutions can aid in your selection of any new computer hardware, making recommendations based on the needs of your business, taking into account factors like current and potential future usage as well as budget. We also offer complete installation and setup service, including integration of your new computer into your existing network.

When new computers are the most cost-effective solution, JDS Desktop & Network Solutions recommends the industry leader in computer manufacturing Dell. From notebooks and workstations to servers, Dell offers reliable technology that is customizable for your specific needs and available at a very reasonable cost.


Troubleshooting and Repair

JDS Desktop & Network Solutions is not in business to sell you the most expensive hardware if that's not what your company needs. In many cases, the most cost-effective solution is keeping your existing computer hardware and repairing or upgrading components to keep them running their best.

Having problems with your hard drive? JDS Desktop & Network Solutions will troubleshoot, repair, and install hardware components when necessary. We troubleshoot any type of hardware on-site. New equipment is sometimes the only option. We will purchase replacement parts and provide complete installation.

As a small business ourselves, we recognize the need for quick troubleshooting and repair, because downtime means lost money. We are committed to providing fast, efficient hardware repair so you can get back to business.

Peripheral Services

JDS Desktop & Network Solutions will also install, setup, troubleshoot, and repair any peripheral devices. These include everything from printers to Network Routers and Switches, to Ipads, to Iphones