Networking & Cabling

Networking & Cabling Solutions by JDS Desktop & Network Solutions

JDS Desktop & Network Solutions is the solution to all of your business's networking needs. Networking is a valuable tool that allows multiple users and computers to communicate with one another and share resources. A network can allow your employees to share hardware like printers and servers, software applications, and, most importantly, valuable data. Businesses can operate more efficiently with properly installed and maintained networks, enabling easy information sharing among employees and the eliminating of needless redundancy of company resources.

If you don't yet have a computer network in your business, JDS Desktop & Network Solutions can create an efficient, high quality network for your company. We are also experienced in maintaining existing small or large computer networks.

JDS Desktop & Network Solutions provides the following networking solutions:

  • Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Wireless Networks

Network Security

JDS Desktop & Network Solutions will take the necessary steps to safeguard your computer systems and data. We can minimize unauthorized access from outside the network by installing firewalls and securing wireless connectivity. Internally, JDS Desktop & Network Solutions will create security policies to share data while limiting employee access to sensitive company information. Complete network security is a must for every business

Cabling and Misc. Pricing

Cable Runs

CAT5e 10/100 Network or RJ12 Telco Cable Drop. Includes labor and materials for standard in-wall run up to 100'. Materials not to exceed: 1-CAT5e or RJ12 Insert, 1-Flush plate or Surface Jack, 1-Caddy fastener, 2 Beam Clamp & Bridle Rings, Average 60' CAT5e Plennum cable, 2 RJ45 or RJ12 Crimp Connectors, Aprox. 1-1.5Hrs Labor, Line testing & certification.

Price Each

Qty 1-9

Network or Telco Cable Run


Qty 10+



Qty 1-9

Secondary Network or Telco Run Terminating to the Same Wall jack


Qty 10+



Overage per Ft.

Parts and Labor Charge per foot per each run over 100’



Patch Cables

Cat 5e Patch Cables

Price Each


3 ft.



7 ft.



14 ft.



25 ft.



50 ft.



100 ft.



Crossover Cable 5 Ft



Surface Jacks

2Port Modular Jack



4Port Modular jack



RJ11 Surface



1Port Module Flush Plate















Cover Plate




2-Position Hinged Wall Bracket



2-Position Hinged Wall Bracket Deep



Cat5e 12-Port Surface Mount Patch Panel



Cat5e 24-Port Bracket Mount Patch Panel


Labor to Mount Brackets, patch Panels and Switches is $95/Hour